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Like many others in his position, he was a professional being given the chance to study overseas by his employer, with the guarantee of a better, more accountable job upon his return. But the employer was not ready to give the employee any time off to prepare for the examination, and the worker stated – fairly – that it had been hard for him to perform his demanding job and prepare for IELTS, which would entail a very long commute to an IELTS Preparation course, at precisely the exact same time. What was he to do?


There are no Shortcuts to success in IELTS, with peparing for the study in uk, although help is available. Barring the best, this Thing applicants can do is to expose themselves to as much English as possible by listening to it or in films. This may be done during times that might be ‘wasted,’ at least as much as research goes. But teachers agree that, while what a candidate knows about English vocabulary and grammar are important, what counts is having a sense of what seems right to them. What seems right to a seasoned listener is very likely to be right.

IELTS Academic asks you to write about a chart, diagram, table or graph, describing, summarizing or discussing it on your own personal fashion, whereas the second task consists of writing an essay as a response to a query or point of view. It is highly recommendable to write your answers. The ielts course hong kong General Training will instruct you for the first job to either explain a specific circumstance or write a letter, while for Task 2 a composition will be supplied. It is recommended to keep a certain amount of formality, in order to not fall in direction informality, since it will cost you points at the assessment stage, which can be undesirable.

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