Soundtrack for your life

The correct soundtracks for your trip will surely drown out the sounds of the streets and roads, maybe sometimes your passengers, an excellent alternative to talk at more awkward and limited moments.

Whatever you choose, hands-free are always the best.

The highway code only allows hands to be paid, and a restriction is imposed on the headphones while driving, the former can distract him and then muffle the sounds of the road, which reduces his knowledge of the dangers that surround him.


Fortunately, many Hi-Fi car systems now come with a built-in Bluetooth system that replaces obsolete CD players or cassettes, which allow you to receive music calls, disabling too many movements.

If you do not own the device and do not use the recent recycling scheme, the cartridges are almost outdated. Maybe you have a CD player or changer? The best option is an MP3 player, as well as integration with the phone, with which you can play music directly from the phone or from your personal MP3 player. No more messing with the units. You set up your playlist and enjoy the music, enter your songs. There is nothing more pleasant. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating there!

Demand for CDs

However, there is still a considerable demand for CDs, and today it is still the most popular way to play music in cars. I’m not sure of you, but I still have a large CD collection, and this is only partially transferred to MP3. Therefore, I plan to spend time and invest in stereo, which allows me to integrate my phone and my MP3 player, but allows me to play my CDs.

My only concern is to buy something that doesn’t fit me or that is potentially compatible with my car. I don’t want to buy a completely new car to take advantage of the latest technologies. Also, this might be a good idea when buying a first-class Hi-Fi car, but what happens if my new Hi-Fi car is worth more than a car?

The market is flooded with options

There are so many high-fidelity products for cars, so many options. Depending on what you are looking for, whether on your LCD screens, support for various CD formats, compatible with Bluetooth MP3. The choice goes on and on.

It’s always about the budget for me. Bang for my dollar. I don’t want the high fidelity value to exceed the value of the car, but I want decent sounds, and I’m a fan of gadgets, I want the newest things; MP3, Bluetooth, LED display and SAT Nav. Everything is integrated into a system much cheaper than buying new wheels, much more sensible in these times of economy.

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